I am a BTC whale with more than 100k BTC, all of which i acquired below $5 back in 2010. Btc performed way better than i thought it would in december/january, and i cashed out more than enough to live comfortably for the next few decades.

after cashing out millions of dollars, i let my remaining 100k Btc tokens ride. however, after realizing the volume for was so drastically low, i figured it was more profitable to actively manipulate the market, than to hope for another bull run of 2017 proportions.

so i dumped.

and dumped.

and dumped.

i found the best time to dump was not when the price was tanking (medium-sized bag holders with 40k+ tokens will take care of that for you), but when the price was mooning – or looked like it was about to moon.

here’s a secret for you: Btc has some of the weakest bulls of any asset. usually it only takes less than 8k coins, efficiently timed, to crush any small pump and take BTC back into the red for the day, where it ought to be.

want to know why for the last 276 days chart only has 30 green days? – yes, 30 – green 1-day candles?

because of me.

want to know why everything today seems to be in the green but btc is still struggling to make it back above $6600?

because of me.

i refuse to let the price go up, and i won’t for a while. in case you’re wondering, that 100k tokens i let ride now exceeds
400k, simply from doing this over, and over, and over again.

i am a bagholder’s worst nightmare.

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