Satoshi Lives

The hacker known as 4chin strikes again.

Earlier today a post coming from @satoshi on twitter apparently signed a message from a 2009 bitcoin wallet in a now deleted but archived tweet.

@satoshi also left a message about segwit being compromised, which lines up with what Craig Wright has been saying this week as well.

Someone on 4chan is now verifying that there is a good chance this is legit.

The post is below…


Math fag here. I know a lot of you are confused about the recent signing of satoshi’s keys so ill help explain it to you and show how you can verify the signature yourselves;
TL;DR -> Verify the signature for satoshi’s keys here;

The key in question that was signed is here;


here is a link to a transaction to that address;

if you have a look, you can see that the tx is dated on; 2009-01-09.
To put it into perspective, the first ever transaction was to hal finney, on 2009-01-12.
Which means the only one that has access to the private key here, is satoshi (unless he shared the key with someone else).

So we know the key belongs to satoshi.

Now here is the ecdsa signature;

Rx: 97921318692748166969765893503724782362221860890089306445657980140065784098104
S: 17870770544568028453805091504963125490615703388985597936947183001452377396233
H(m): 90774958364900180671716888080665726921328827653065727390791155349203800699667

It probably looks like bullshit numbers to a lot of you, but you can verify the signature yourself here;
(Just click “Run” and it will run the code in your browser and check the ecdsa signature).

If you are wondering, “how can I trust this ecdsa signature”, just know that every transaction on bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency, is verified by ecdsa signing.
Its provably secure, and government agencies etc. use it to verify public keys. More details here;

This signature proves that whoever signed it, owns the key for this address;


Anyway, this is unironically huge. Either satoshi has somehow been killed/compromised and his keys stolen, someone has broken ecdsa standard (very very very unlikely), or satoshi is back.

Personally I think satoshi has been killed/kidnapped since it looks like craig wright is shilling the same thing about segwit being insecure. but its up to you i guess to make your own decision. What i can say for 100% certainty, is that whoever made this signature had access to satoshi’s keys.


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