The Bitcoin Clear Pill

In a previous post, we talked about the Bitcoin Blackpill.

Ok folks here is the real clear pill on all this fucking shit going on

Buckle up cuzĀ it’s about to get hairy

So, the basic gestalt is that we are currently in the midst of some massive game theory and strategy between China and the US. At its heart, this is a currency war. But long-term, this is some epic anime-level Ghost in the Shell type shit going on, so basically a technology war.

Bitcoin is at the center of it. Both gov’s know they need to use cryptocurrency, but they also know that the limitations of the protocol itself are such so that there can only be one global currency. So China and the US are basically going rogue and discreetly taking over vulnerable countries so they can syphon as much electricity as possible.

AI is the real end game. Cellular automata using non-deterministic competitive models on the blockchain. Simulated cells that compete for money. Look into Dr. Craig Wright, he is the discoverer of Bitcoin and is perhaps one of the few people who understand how this really works.

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