The Real Operation Dragon Slayer – Goodnight Jihan, You Won’t Be Missed

Let’s think about what we know.

Bitmain wants to IPO.

They post record sales numbers, driven up by Calvin’s accumulation of S9s.

They “leak” that they have 1M+ BCH.

CSW comes out as a universally distrusted, hated boogieman who’s instructing Calvin on how to force a hostile chain split and a hash war.

As things approach the fork, very real money starts flowing into a social media campaign to stir up shit.

There are rumblings that if CSW and Calvin succeed in this campaign, they will wage war against all POW chains.

Bitmain “has no choice” but to mine at a loss on fork day in order to “protect their investment.” Other miners jump ship because of Bitmain’s influence, and because they buy the social engineering. All of this happens just at the start of a new BTC difficulty period.

Except Bitmain will be the one that gets fucked because they held a pre-IPO share sale. If they move the investors money and mine at a loss without permission then jihan and the other bitmain founder micree go to jail.

This is the real Dragonslayer (note SV’s branding). Last year was a test run.

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